Time-Critical Processing Laboratory


The laboratory focuses its activities on data processing related to the state’s energy systems and business risk management. It performs tasks for the needs of public administration, in accordance with the Act on Crisis Management and companies from the field of crisis management and maintaining the continuity of the organization. In addition, the laboratory can act as a training simulator for workshops in the field of crisis management and can be used to conduct research and simulation in the area of Disaster Recovery.


  • Hazards identification and analysis of their occurrence risk
  • Systemic solutions for ensuring security of the state and its citizens
  • Support of services, inspections and fire department
  • Activity of public administration with attention to the functioning of the crisis management system
  • Integrated Business Organization Management Systems
  • Creating and implementing principles as well as good practices related to ensuring business organization’s security: risk management, business continuity, crisis management
  • Performing tasks related to critical infrastructure protection


Public administration, services, guards, inspections, non-governmental organizations operating in this field, organizations with Integrated Management Systems, organizations managing critical infrastructure

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