Spherical Simulator and Visual Simulation Laboratory


The laboratory develops a visualization platform, develops domain-specific applications, and provides services related to data processing and visual analysis i.e. techniques of visual presentation, computer graphics, and image analysis to interactively work with that data. The laboratory will combine AR (augmented reality), visualization, and computational modeling competencies for design and simulation.


  • Ergonomics Research
  • Psychophysics Research
  • Creation of testing environments using AR
  • Creation of AR training materials
  • Medical visualization and image analysis
  • Visual analysis of archaeological, meteorological, climatic, microscopy and other data
  • Development of dedicated applications based on the VisNow platform
  • Creation of advanced scientific visualizations
  • Creation of anatomical structure models and human body atlases


Automotive, consumer item manufacturers, designers, architects, biological sciences and medicine, geology, archaeology, meteorology and climatology, education.

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