RTV and Media Research Laboratory


The laboratory will record broadcasts from television, radio, online streaming and the Internet, as well as games, virtual reality and physical media. Content created automatically or manually will be examined by experts in terms of the message itself and its reception.


  • Listening, recording and storage of selected radio and television programs
  • Comparative research of radio, television and Internet broadcasts, e.g. we can compare parallel news services, as well as evaluate the speed of information publication, conduct long-term observation of the broadcast
  • Real-time analysis of RTV programs, e.g. by using speech-to-text conversion, keyword detection, detection of characteristic images, color analysis
  • Observation of the content of groups on websites or social media in terms of changes made since the publication date of their first pages; advertising emissions or detection of news and text trends changes
  • Research and recording of audience impressions – individually or in groups, in a focus group, in a screening room or online – combined with the recording of impressions (audio, video, screencast, somatic reactions, eyetracking, mousetracking, voting) and their subsequent analysis


Media, social communication, Internet, online research, user experience, webmastering, social media, marketing, public relations, media monitoring

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