Laboratory located at the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine


The laboratory will be involved in conducting driver tests. Starting from the diagnostic phase, the end result of which will be the assessment of sleep quality and sleep habits, development of individual recommendations regarding sleep hygiene, and in cases requiring the CPAP treatment, drivers will be qualified for further treatment by a pulmonologist. The results of sleep study will be correlated with the results of psychological tests, including measurements of reaction times, as well as responses to critical situations presented in the simulator. Ultimately, it is planned to develop an algorithm to classify drivers into groups of low, medium and high risk of fatigue and falling asleep while driving. For groups of medium and high risk of falling asleep, medical recommendations will be developed to improve the psychophysical performance of drivers.

Research in the truck simulator will be conducted mainly to assess driving in different, varying conditions. It will be supplemented by comprehensive psychological diagnostics, allowing for the assessment of psychomotor performance and cognitive functions of drivers, which is important for safe driving.

Polysomnography laboratory upgraded as part of the project, will be used to conduct polysomnography, including diagnostic tests of drivers suspected to have mild or advanced obstructive sleep apnea.

There are also plans to conduct research using a truck simulator. Another aspect that will be considered during the study is the optimization of the truck cab cockpit.


Uniformed services, i.e. the army (in particular the Territorial Defence Force), the Police, the Fire Department, as well as other entities interested in, among others, developing systems for recording medical parameters during the performance of tasks in a truck simulator – in terms of fatigue assessment, the amount of psychophysical strain and driver stress level, as well as identification of driver-dependent subjective and environmental factors affecting driving quality, and therefore – driving safety.

Bus and truck manufacturers

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