Measurement and Environmental Research Laboratory


The laboratory works on monitoring research. Environmental pollution will be detected on the basis of, among others, environmental markers and biomarkers, and food samples will be analyzed, including water analysis. Environmental research includes a wide range of studies of soil, land, water (surface and underground), sewage, floor sediments and plants, as well as chemical products (e.g. artificial fertilizers). The obtained results will be archived and published on a specially established portal.


  • Studies on direct exposure environmental markers
  • Studies on biomarkers of environmental effects
  • Chemical analysis of environmental samples collected in the field (air, water, soil, sediment, sewage, eatables); qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical contamination
  • Search for residues of chemical xenobiotics, mainly pharmaceuticals


Public administration, local governments, services, environment protection, production plants, food industry, waste disposal plant, sewage treatment plants, farms, agriculture

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