Geoinformation Research Laboratory


The laboratory conducts research on accelerating and facilitating data acquisition, collection, analysis and presentation. This is connected with visualization of geoinformation, location determination in the adopted reference system. The laboratory will define, read and visualize all relationships that occur between objects and phenomena in a specific space, so it is possible to determine the location, conditions, trends, regularities and modelling.


  • Data acquisition for selected branches of the national economy
  • Processing of acquired data
  • Application techniques and technologies for strategic and operational management
  • Data presentation and archiving techniques and technologies (Chief Sanitary Inspectorate)
  • Platforms for the collection, processing, analysis and presentation of real-time (or near real-time) data
  • Development of technological and functional requirements of spatial data acquisition
  • Creating orthophotomaps in visible light
  • Creating orthophotomaps in near infrared
  • Processing or creation of terrain numerical models and terrain coverage
  • Cataloguing of stands and vegetation
  • Performing urban and architectural analyses
  • Preparation of material for simulations of crisis situations


Geodesy, construction, forestry, mining, railroads, insurance, energy, agriculture, physical security, public administration and services, photography and television

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