Elastically Isotropic and Metastable Titanium Alloys with a Regular Spatially Centered Structure - First Principle Calculations and Experimental Research

Project description

Project Type: research

Project Author / Research Director: Piotr Kwaśniak, PhD

Project Value: 848 400,00 PLN

Entity List:

  • Leader – Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw
  • Warsaw University of Technology

Implementation Period: 36 months – since november 2020

Project implemented under:

NCN SONATA-15 – a research project, conducted by a person with a doctoral degree (obtained in the period from 2 to 7 years before submitting the application).

Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to determine the influence of the unique elastic isotropy present in a new group of titanium alloys on mechanical properties related to elastic deformation (e.g. fatigue limit) as well as plastic deformation (yield strength, tensile strength, strain hardening, elongation at break). The expected attractive properties of these materials are desirable especially in applications where a high strength-to-density ratio is crucial. However, the limited knowledge of the studied alloys generates many questions related to the fundamental mechanisms occurring at the atomic scale that need to be clarified. These issues are currently being intensively researched using quantum mechanics modeling methods [5-12]. This approach is also used in the project, i.e., determination of the chemical composition of new elastically isotropic Ti alloys by ab initio calculations, studies of the elasticity/plasticity isotropy phenomenon and experimental work aimed at the analysis of the structure and mechanical properties of the developed materials. The gathered knowledge will be highly useful for further development and conscious design of affordable Ti alloys with beneficial properties.

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