Date published: 14 April 2021
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ProME – hope for a quick battle against the epidemic

Scientists at the Digital Science and Technology Center of UKSW, University of Warsaw, University of Warmia and Mazury and a group of prominent Polish physicians are developing the ProME tool to model the COVID-19 epidemic.

ProME is based on current medical knowledge and can be used, for example, to prepare scenarios for restrictions or epidemic management strategies in cities, counties or municipalities. The developers of the solution inform that the knowledge about the virus biology aggregated for the purposes of the ProME project is constantly updated.

The prototype of the tool is ready. Three models have been developed. Two of them (predictive model and simulation model) will support epidemic management in Poland. The third model will facilitate healthcare management processes.

We invite you to read the full version of the article, in which Professor Marek Niezgódka and Professor Andrzej Szałas inform about the details related to the ProME project.

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