Seminar I: ProME Project

The seminar was held on March 9, 2021 at 16:30.

Is it possible to forecast by analogy and implement effective state governance models in such a way as to reduce the number of infections without the actual data?

We invite you to watch the first scientific seminar on the research and development carried out as part of the Predictive Modeling of the COVID-19 Epidemic (ProME) project. During the seminar, we will learn how the system for modeling the course of an epidemic works and how it will support the relocation of medical procedures. We will also find out what kind of models were used by data science specialists of the UKSW Digital Science and Technology Center to estimate the number of infections in a given area and finally – will the system be used to support decision-making processes in the case of virus mutation. We invite you to watch the video.

  1. Professor Marek Niezgódka – ProME Project (~ 15 min.)
  2. Professor Andrzej Szałas – ProME System Architecture and Models (~ 15 min.)
  3. Mariusz Wójcik – Data and Its Curation (~ 20 min.)
  4. Rafał Latkowski, PhD – Multi-Agent System for Epidemic Modeling (~ 40 min.)
  5. Questions, Answers and Discussion (~ 30 min.)


Seminar Video

YouTube video
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