Seminar IV – ProME Project: System Demonstration and Prospects for Continuation

The seminar was held on April 27, 2021 at 16:30.

The 4th seminar “Predictive Modeling of the COVID-19 Epidemic (ProME)” is devoted to presenting the system from the users’ point of view. ProME functionalities include, among others, the ability to simulate scenarios that demonstrate the effects of introducing selected restrictions and limitations. The system is ready to simulate also in case the next virus mutations appear.

One of the most important functionalities that is relevant today is modeling the transfer of medical procedures to other locations and facilities. In order to avoid a “tsunami wave” in health care, the process of returning procedures to pre-pandemic mode of execution must be immediately implemented. Thanks to the ProME system, we know, using urology as an example, that we need to increase the efficiency of ongoing procedures by at least 20% to catch up with the backlog created during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The system can also be used to support the management of the vaccination process and to evaluate the effectiveness of a specific vaccine. How ProME will be used and in which direction it will be developed depends on the authority. The capabilities of the system, its interface and functionality can be seen during the ProME seminar.

  1. Damian Krawiec, Adrian Kawalec – ProME System Demonstration: Web Client (25 min.)
  2. Eng. Piotr Regulski, MD, PhD – ProME System Demonstration: Visnow Visualizations (25 min.)
  3. Michał Iwański – Computing Infrastructure for Modeling (25 min.)
  4. Professor Marek Niezgódka – Summary and Comments on the ProME Project Continuation (15 min.)


We encourage you to watch the video.

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