Visual Analysis and Visualization Facility


The facility develops a visualization platform, creates domain-specific applications and provides services related to data processing and visual analysis, i.e. computer graphics, visual presentation and image analysis techniques used for interactive work with the data.

Its activity is based on the VisNow visualization platform for advanced multimodal data analysis (medical, climatological, geospatial, flow visualization, texture, and others). The platform is divided into several smaller projects.

  • JLargeArrays – low-level library providing support for big data
  • JSciC – Java Scientific Containers – library of data structure and basic algorithms used in data processing and visual data analysis
  • VisNow – visualization system kernel using the two libraries above – includes a graphical user interface and an extensive collection of visualization modules.
  • VisNow-Medical – a collection of additional modules for the VisNow platform developed outside the kernel, especially for medicine and machine learning (CT visual analysis, CBCT, MRI, USG, OCT, scans and others)
  • VisNowApplication – dedicated applications based on the VisNow platform.

Research Areas

  • Use of visualization techniques and platforms in medical imaging
  • Adaptation of convolutional neural network algorithms and other machine learning and classification algorithms for medicine
  • Use of visualization techniques (including advanced scientific visualization) in a variety of fields
  • Use of the VisNow platform for scientific purposes


Domain-specific projects and applications in:

  • medicine (orthopedics, surgery, cardiology, radiology, urology, dentistry, etc.);
  • geospatial information;
  • geology;
  • archaeology;
  • meteorology and climatology;
  • VR and AR.

Facility Expert

Piotr Regulski, MD, PhD, Eng
Piotr Regulski, MD, PhD, Eng
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