Sustainable Energy Sources Facility


The subject of research and development conducted at the Facility is sustainable energy, as one of the key research issues in recent years. Among the many technologies for producing “clean” energy, a dynamically developing research area is energy based on fuel cells. The main activity of the Facility in the field of sustainable energy sources is focused on the technology of fuel cells and dedicated material solutions. High-temperature fuel cell technology is part of the recently developed strategy of energy (co)generation in dispersed systems and prosumer mode. Also, it clearly fits into the scheme of hydrogen management, which is currently considered to be the fuel of the future, mainly due to the highest gravimetric energy density.

Research conducted at the Facility includes broadly defined characterization of materials, development of new material solutions, optimization of the microstructure and chemical composition of materials used as catalysts in modern devices constituting energy converters.

Research Areas

  • Selection and design of materials for sustainable energy sources
  • Characterization of microstructure, chemical composition and functional properties of materials for sustainable energy sources
  • Conducting research and development on the use of high-temperature fuel cells in new technological solutions and energy systems
  • Optimization of microstructure and chemical composition of materials used in fuel cells
  • Production of crucial components for high-temperature fuel cells


  • New technologies and energy systems based on sustainable sources
  • Providing comprehensive knowledge for high-temperature fuel cell manufacturing technology

Facility Expert

Rev. Marek Muzyk, PhD, Eng.
Rev. Marek Muzyk, PhD, Eng.
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