Measurement and Environmental Research Facility


The facility conducts, among others, environmental monitoring. Environmental pollution will be detected on the basis of, among other things, environmental markers and biomarkers, also food samples will be analyzed (including water analysis). Environmental research comprises a wide range of studies: soil, land, surface water and ground water, wastewater, floor sediments and plants, as well as chemical products (e.g. synthetic fertilizers). Moreover, the subject of research will be the assessment of air quality and thermal comfort in rooms intended for permanent or temporary residence of people. Precise, modern survey measurements will also be carried out using, inter alia, a robotic total station and a GNSS receiver.

Areas of Activity and Research

  • Air composition analysis and air quality assessment
  • Inspection of mechanical and gravitational air conditioning systems
  • Detection of factors negatively affecting air quality
  • Tests of room users’ thermal comfort
  • Research on thermal insulation and effectiveness of construction solutions in terms of energy efficiency
  • Detection of installation failures, leaks and other events that affect air quality
  • Detection of toxic gases, incl. nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide
  • Thermal imaging of electrical installations in terms of failure prevention
  • Room integrity assessments
  • Capabilities to measure in connection with newly designed buildings, installations, and physical placement of facilities
  • Capabilities to measure in connection with surveying and mapping of historic areas and sites
  • Measurements of elevations and deviations caused by groundworks
  • Tests of displacements at oil pipelines, pipelines and posts
  • Monitoring of water object displacement
  • Design or updates of maps and drawings
  • Inspection of utility networks

Determination of coordinates for characteristic points, which are later used when applying data collected from sensors of, e.g., unmanned aerial vehicles.

Facility Expert

Mr. Maciej Sierakowski
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