Data Analysis and Large-scale Modeling Facility


The facility is involved in the implementation of full data handling and processing cycle – from data acquisition processes combined with the execution of data curation and structuring procedures, through the creation of conditions guaranteeing safe archiving and sharing, to the implementation of solutions enabling multi-level processing for analytics and various areas of mathematical modeling.

Research Areas

  • Management and security issues of digital critical infrastructures related to data economy
  • Issues of reliability and credibility of critical infrastructure services
  • Issues of persistence, integrity, data curation and data-based computer models


  1. Data analytics and modeling in decision-making processes
  2. Intelligent operational networks
  • Energy (Smart Grids)
  • Air and intermodal transport
  • Logistics
  • Cities and Regional Ecosystems
  • Smart populations
  • Environmental crises
  • Medical diagnostics, epidemiology
  • Domain-specific text analytics

Facility Expert

Michał Iwański
Michał Iwański
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