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The ongoing global digital transformation has led in recent years – especially now, when the world has experienced the shock of breaking the continuity of its current model in almost all dimensions – to a broad understanding that this is a civilization revolution and what is more, the greatest in history. The fundamental changes include not only the sphere of economic technology, but also encompass the social layer, influencing each individual person as well as entire local and national communities, and finally the shape of the world’s functioning.

These are transformations that require a broad involvement of science and education, from significant changes in the structure of the science system itself which remove barriers to open collaboration across the boundaries of individual disciplines of science, to the widespread introduction of active forms that assume involvement in value creation processes.

Digital Science and Technology Center (CNT) has been established by the UKSW to undertake research and development activities in selected areas contributing to the success of such transformation processes. The CNT activity is characterized by interdisciplinarity of topics and methodological transdisciplinarity.


Currently, CNT’s activity is focused in particular on application areas related to:

  1. development and functioning of operational complex systems with network structure in:
    • power engineering, especially in its sectors based on renewable energy generation and circularity,
    • transport and logistics,
    • population processes;
  2. development of technologies and digital solutions in medicine;
  3. intelligent monitoring of the environment and spatially dispersed technical systems;
  4. design and synthesis of new materials with extreme properties;
  5. development of digital platforms for advanced data analysis and scientific communication.

Advanced competencies of research teams and modern infrastructure will enable the implementation of their own programs, support the execution of joint ventures with UKSW scientific teams and other research centers, as well as enable the undertaking of implementation projects in cooperation with economic entities, industry and social institutions.

CNT activity is based on the developed competences of research and development facilities and systematically expanded research infrastructure located in laboratories.

CNT DIRECTOR – Rev. Marek Muzyk, PhD, Eng.
CNT Deputy Director – Iwona Wendel

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